Mrs. Ann introduces herself


Hello, I am Anne-Kathrin Neibach and I would like to introduce myself and offer my services as a sales contractor and partner for fashion and beauty products. I am passionate about brands with a distinct history, vintage-inspired fashion and people that are charming and unique.

I have dealt with the topic of selling fashion for several years, originally triggered by my own needs to market and sell my own fashion, created under the label „Maedchentraum“. As I was starting, nobody seemed to “fit” wanting to cooperate with my brand … and it appeared that it was difficult finding somebody having the heart and desire to work with a start-up young designer. And of course, this was even difficult for fashion that was off the beaten path.
As a result, I have stepped back thinking about my experience and starting a new future: My new company Mrs. Ann aims at helping young new brands to find their way into the market. I would like to help people and companies to build a business and demonstrate that classic designs and products are not outdated and can be successful in today´s environment.

My references illustrate my personal development. Starting with a successful study of fashion design, followed by creating my own start-up label including a sales structure as well as various experiences in trade allowed me to understand the position of a Saleslady from various angles. This enables me to act as more than a sales person … establishing a partnership between the label and the trade.
Auf gute Geschäfte!
Mrs. Ann